About Us

Castle Reserve Studies (Castle) was formed in 2006 by Marcus A. Castle.  Castle has also joined Community Association Institute (CAI). Castle follows all CAI standards of ethics and knowledge to be a reserve analyst.

After attending Arizona State University and studying engineering for three years, Marcus re-focused his studies and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry. He started work as a chemical analyst and then formed Castle Reserve Studies after realizing the need for a reserve company that was more customer service-oriented.

Castle was formed with input from property managers, new home builder HOA advisors, a reserve analyst, and customer service representatives. Marcus has mentored with professional reserve analysts with 20+ years experience out of Reno Nevada. Castle continually produces detailed and accurate reports, never failing to recognize that customer service is the most important goal. Since Castle’s inception, hundreds of studies have been completed, from small 40 unit associations to Master Planned communities.

Castle is a small, family run business. Keeping the company within the family allows Castle to devote the necessary time to each client without extending additional financial burden on the client. Castle is available to further satisfy clients’ scheduling needs by meeting mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. The company is always willing to discuss each study - one time or ten times - until customers are completely satisfied.